Saturday, 4 November 2017

The not so good boy!

For all of you who think Siddy is all sugary and nice here is something that will completely change your mind!

So the other day it was one of his friend's birthday and we were discussing what to get as a present.

I love asking him for his opinion because they are always fun!

Like one time after contemplating the question, he said to get a friend a hat,  another  time to get a skateboard and yet another to get a boxing bag but with princesses on them since it was for a girl!

I have recently fallen in love with tool sets for boys... we got Siddy his first set when he was two and I remember him trying to fix ... well... everything. He would fix the table, his cycle, the chair even the walls!

The hammer never left his hand!!!

He's had two sets since and still plays with them.

So the last time we had to gift my nephew something we got him a really cool tool set. In fact it was way cooler than any set Siddy has had! Apart from all the tools it had a hard hat and goggles!

Very cool!

Anyway, so coming back to us discussing what gift to get for his friend. The birthday boy being just a few months older than my nephew, I suggested getting him a tool set as well.

At first he goes " Ya thats great get him a tool set, he will love it"

"Ok cool, I'll get him the same one we got for Hans"


"No not that one"


"Its too fancy"

"Arre but thats the good part na, it has that cool hardhat and the goggles and all"

"Ya but thats why only. Its too fancy. And I don't want anyone to have a tool set more fancy than mine!!!"

hmmmmmm?!!!!!! seriously!

Where did my good little boy go? And who is this naughty and borderline mean boy come from?!!!

Monday, 30 October 2017

The Adventures of Mr Fix It!

So recently we had quite an adventure.

Friday afternoon we heard a few kids from the building screaming outside our window about a cow who was stuck in our jungle. So of course we had to go see!

But not before we got ready for it.

So first he got his minion mask, which he uses as a hardhat, don't ask me why and how he thought of it, but it looks pretty legit.

Then he got his 3D googles, to use as his protective eyewear. Why and from where did he get his 3D glasses you ask? Well, the first 3D movie we took him for, cant even remember which one, we asked the theater guys if we could take it as a memory thing.

And finally he took his pliers to help the cow.

" I can use these pliers to cut the cow mumma"

"ummmm..... you obviously mean to cut the branches around the cow"

Takes a second to understand what I said "ha ha ha yes yes mumma to cut the branches!!"

Grateful my kid isn't some kind of psycho we head out. Mr Fix It and I.

There are some three people there, two from the neighboring building and one from a cat cafe near by and all you can hear is this poor cow mooing away in pain.

Now the cat lady was fully in control talking to her some person on the phone asking them to bring some kind of tranquilizer and nylon ropes. And hearing all of this little Mr Fix It, well freaked out!

After two minutes of being all "I'm going to go save the cow" the mooing had him running off home.

So we went back but his mind was still on it. Eventually he went back down with his nanny to check on what was happening.

And sure enough in a bit he came back shouting for me to come down.

"The ambulance has come mumma come soon" and he runs off.

So I leave my twice heated already coffee and run after him.

Its a fire engine not an ambulance, but ah well both excite him enough. In fact by the time I came down he was already hi fiv-ing the firefighters!

The cow, since I'm sure you're wondering by now, is fine, was always fine. The fire fighters went in to the forest to find her tied to a tree. This was done, for reasons I still don't know, by the guys who own a cow/buffalo shed near our home. So they got the cow shed guys to untie her and take her back.

So ironically about ten minutes later a friend of mine from the building came down with a bunch of posters to join a protest march against the cow shed.

Yup... this cow shed takes over about half of the main road creating a bottle neck which eventually creates the worst traffic you have ever seen.

The entire area was fed up with them it seems... and were out with big posters and a mike to shout out slogans.

Siddy of course was crazy confused. Do they want the cow shed do they not want it? If they don't want it where are the cows going to go? At one point when everyone was screaming tabela hatao he was the only one saying tabela bachao!!!!!

We even gave him a big poster saying "enough is enough" which I think I'm going to save and use on him when he bugs me too much!!!

So well, our first animal rescue mission and protest march and we are only 4 and a half years old!!!

Secretly I hope the Mr Fix It has managed to fix the damn tabela situation!!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Carrying that Sleeping Baby!

The best thing I think about being a kid?

Knowing someone will take you home.

I remember growing up, any restaurant we went to, no matter how early or late, post dinner my brother would just pass out. And every single morning he would wake up safe and sound in his bed.

And even as a child I used to find that so amazing... that literally a kid could fall sleep anywhere and his parents would pick him and take him home.

Seen it on tv shows, movies, as I grew up I'd see it amongst friends with their kids... and I always thought that there could be nothing that expressed the feeling of security as much as this.

And the first few times we did it with bumling, I was so aware we were doing it. You know that out of body experience, where you stand outside and look at yourself doing something and think "Wow .. I always wondered if I would do that?"

And you are doing it.

And it is amazing, because it just reaffirms the whole deal of being a parent. Of having a little human who is yours to protect, yours to make feel secure over and above anyone, anything else. And its a very overwhelming feeling, but I love it.

So every time, post a party or dinner or even a long drive, when we pick up a sleeping little Siddy from the car and heave his ever growing ass back home, I find myself smiling and being grateful for having him!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Little Stories-4

Little Story 1:

So the other day I was working and listening to the soundtrack of La La Land... and the little monkey comes and listens along with me. 

"What kind of music is this mumma"

"Its from a musical baby.. where all the people are singing and dancing"

"Show me"

So I put on the videos on youtube. 

And he stared tripping on them... the dancing the colors the entire awesomeness of it! He's my kid after all! 

We watched another day of sun thrice, someone in the crowd once... and finally the epilogue played.... I wasn't sure he would want to see it since it is basically just music... but he was really into it because of the dancing. 

But not as into it as me... me - well I was getting mad emotional about it as always... that last song just is a whole lot of feels and makes me all teary eyed! 

So this smarty looks at me and goes "what happened mumma?"

"nothing baby this song just breaks my heart"

"Oh mumma you're such a silly girl crying at this!!!!

hmmmmmmmm.... and you're such a silly boy for not! Know just the kind of boyfriend he's going to be!!

Little Story 2:

A few weekends ago, he was invited to a party by his really cute friend from the building, a girl. So he took his little brother for the party. The next day it was that fellow's building friend's party, a little girl. 

The two boys have had a blast at these birthdays, lots of cake lots of masti and of course amazing favors! 

Recently he was telling his grandparents about this fun weekend and he goes

"So on Saturday I took Hans for my girlfriend's party and then on Sunday he took me for his girlfriend's party"

None of us knew how to react to him!!!!! So cutely innocent they are man!

Also i'm dreading the day this conversation holds a lot more meaning...  like at 15!!!!

Little Story 3:

Since the little bumling bugs me so often, I run out of things to threaten him with. 

Like for example I'll tell him "If you don't eat your food I'll just take away your Ipad now"
Or "If you don't wear your own shoes I'll just make you go down bare feet" 

"if you do A , I''l do B, C, D , G, J, L, N , T .... Z!!! 

But post Z i'm lost so a lot of times i'll just leave it hanging like "If you don't do this na, I'll just......... "

Oftentimes very cheekily he will finish that sentence for me " Take my Ipad? Hide my superheroes? Not let me go down to play?!!!!!!!

While thats annoying enough he always finds a way to up the annoyingness, so somedays when we are having this argument, before I can say it he will say it  

"Mumma, if you don't feed me today na I'm just going to........."

And he'll leave it hanging with this naughty smile on his face!!!


Saturday, 16 September 2017

What will Niki Think?!!!

So we were off for a holiday recently... to Sri Lanka... which turned out to be such a great trip! We went with Siddy's best friend and her parents who are really fun people!

A few days prior to leaving, I told Siddy to pack his bag. He was quite excited. 

"What all should I carry?"

"A few t shirts some shorts and your undries"

"Arre but mumma how many t shirts?"

"Take 12 t shirts and 3 shorts"


I'm guessing he did some kind of calculation in his head. 

"How many days are we going for?"

"Five days"

More pause. more calculations.

"Mumma, how can I only take 3 shorts and 12 t shirts? I need as many shorts or pants as my t shirts na?"

"Ummmm... no... you can wear the same shorts again with a new t shirt baby"

"What will Niki think mumma? That I don't have more shorts? That I'm wearing the same one again and again?"

what will Niki think? Oh my God... I thought I had many many more years before the "What will (insert cute girl's name) think" situations in life!!!

Over smart Smart a**!!!

I remember on our little trip recently, we were discussing how little Niki and her mumma were going to get into fights once she becomes a teenager... the whole- Don't wear this wear that, I don't like the clothes you are buying for me blah blah!!

And I was secretly (well not so secretly even) giggling and thanking my stars I wouldn't have to do it!

Cut to last night, when Siddy is still four. And we got into a fight.

Something silly of course like I asked him to keep something away, he didn't want to, I insisted, he insisted more... one thing led to another, the fight escalated.

Now I'm annoyed and getting irritated at everything, and he is getting annoyed with me and getting cranky for everything... and we are in a full blown shouting match.

Yes... me against a four year old.

I have a temper, and what can I say... so does he!

 "Siddy, you keep crying for little little things, and I know all you want to do is sleep, but you just wont go and sleep"

Now we start fighting about the fact that he doesn't want to sleep, but I swear he's super sleepy.

"I just cant take it anymore Siddy" I say really genuinely frustrated.

"Fine then lets just forget this fight now mumma.. lets just drop it now"

Hmmm? Did a four year old just tell me to forget a fight? To drop it now?


"Fine then, lets just drop it then" I say and take him to bed.

In the bedroom, we are both trying to 'just drop it" and be all normal.

In walks Aadi and I decide to tell him about how Siddy gets cranky when he's sleepy... and he turns to me and says "Didn't I say to just forget this fight now mumma?"

Oh God!!!

Bloody over smart smart ass!!!

Monday, 28 August 2017

I am now a SUPERMOM!!

I paint with Siddy, read stories (sometimes, sometimes I sleep before the story ends!!), chat about the day with him, make up funny noises and stories, cuddle and roll around in bed, slather him with kisses... but play- not so much.

Especially since he's grown up and all his games involve running around (I don't run!!), playing fighting fighting, playing with super heroes, sports like football and basketball (again something I loathe!!). The few times we do play with Lego or our dominoes, I am so focused on it being proper and correct that I kind of suck the fun out of doing it... Also I'm kind of competitive so that doesn't help either!

All in all, our 'playing' together has pretty much reduced.

Its sad but its true.

On the other hand, he and Aadi have a blast. They run around the house shooting imaginary lasers, race cars on the walls, have basketball games. So when Aadi leaves town for a few days, the poor guy is just so bored with me!

Anyhow, this weekend I have redeemed myself. I have found a way to be initiated into his avengers team!

Yup! I am now an Avenger!

And what you may ask is my super power. Me, Super-lazy-I-don't-ever-want-to-get-up me...

My power is that I am Supermom!!

And my job is to call other superhero or super villain's mums to complain about them!!!!!!!

I was made to call black panther's mum to tell her that he scratched Captain America's shield with his very long claws, and how she must make sure she cuts his claws/nails more often!!

Then I had to call Bucky's mum because Bucky told Super hero Siddhant that he didn't want to be his friend but instead wanted to be a bad boy's friend and how she should make sure he doesn't make any bad friends!!!!

And I have to make these calls right there in front of him!!!

Man what a very important job I have!! I love it. And the best part, according to him, is that I don't have to be in the middle of the fighting, I can simply work from home!

What more can a Super Mom ask for!!!