Wednesday, 15 March 2017

His 'Office Friends'!!!

I grew up watching this hilarious movie called Drop Dead Fred... have you seen it? Its about a little girl who has an imaginary friend... and he's quite a nutcase.... makes her make a mess and behave badly.. and then he comes back to her once she's grown up too.. and continues to do that... while helping her fight her rather annoying mother (hmmmmmm!!!!)

So I used to love this movie and had some imaginary friends of my own... To be honest though I don't remember any names or anything about them...

I wish I did... So instead I shall put down all of my little bumbling's imaginary friend's names and everything about them... so that one day when he thinks back about them (maybe when his own kid has them!!!) I will be able to show him this!

So his best friends are Pete and Joe. Yes we have firang friends... I don't know why but we do!

And they are his office friends.

One day a few months ago I asked him to do something and he says " I can't mumma I have to go to office"

"ok... where is office?"

"Right here" and he walks to the kitchen door, where he has placed a little chair and has a book in hand that is his laptop!

"oh wow siddy... thats a really cool office. what do you do there?"

"very important work mumma with my office friends"

and then he goes on to introduce me to Pete and Joe.

Subsequently I have been shushed while he is on the phone with his office friend talking about some very important work thing and taken to office to work with him several times!

If a school friend asks him to meet him some evening he will say "not today today I have to go to office!!!"

The friend list also has increased... there is now Junelle, Grint, Zhint Glash Kosh Sonair, Fuddy and Phunit!!!

And they go to office and play basketball and football and the sports!! One day when I was taken to office I was shown round the sports area and told I could play whatever I wanted here while he went back to office to work!!

He even describes them to me...This description below is as I write this blog and I asked him to describe them to me!

There is one dot on pete's cheek and one straight nose and he's really tall.
Joe is only 10.. long eyes and long nose and long everything.
Junelle is same like Joe but with longer ears and feet!!!

The cutest thing is that right now he's telling me to store all of this (what I'm writing) on his computer and that he will write all the descriptions and will then send it to me!!!

Somedays he will just copy what I'm saying right... so he'll say " mumma I'll just copy this mail and send it to Pete and then I'll just make this drawing on this photo shop thing and make a DIY thing and send it to my office guys"

Oh my god!!!

what amazes me is the imagination he has with these stories... The other day someone on our building chat mentioned that there was a monkey in our area... so I told him and he was very excited about it.

Not seeing the monkey anywhere, he got bored and went to brush his teeth... as soon as he came out he told me very seriously "Mumma Pete just told me that he heard this sound (made a funny sound) and that there is a vulture in our forest"

"really Siddy?"

"Ya Pete just called me and told me. For real, the vulture is there deep inside the forest on the trees!"

So now any story that he really wants me to think is a 'real' story.. will always have Pete or Joe as a part of it and he will say " in real Mumma, Pete said that"or "For real Mumma Joe did that"

Siddy and his 'office friends' stories are something I will cherish forever and ever... long after he has not just forgotten but will also deny outright!!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Hairband Inspector!

A four year old always tells the truth... remember that the next time you are doing something in front of your four year old!!

The other day bumling's little friend Niki left her hairband at home when she had come to play.
He found it and gave it to me... I said " Oh great. we'll return it tomorrow"

At this point I was working and had my hair falling on my eyes a lot. because obviously every tic toc clip I owned had disappeared.... I mean what is with that??

So anyways, I decide to use the hairband while I'm working.

When suddenly the hairband inspector comes to me very angrily, "That's Niki's hairband mumma"

"Ya so i'm just borrowing it" little guilt feeling is there.

"No you will break it"

"Arre, how big do you think my head is?"

"Very big"


Not that this was the end of it.

The next day in the auto ride home with Niki and her mum... he reminds me to give back the hairband which I luckily have in my bag.

While I give it to her he says" Latha Aunty, do you know my mumma wore Niki's hairband yesterday while she was working"

Oh my god... I nearly wished I could just fall out of that auto... because the little girl just looked at me in this really confused look... because normally she would have been quite ticked off i'm sure... but I'm lucky she actually is very fond of me... So she didn't really know what to say!!!

"Thanks Siddy.... thanks for being so honest!!"

I think... maybe... actually no!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I don't trust you Mumma...

So we're flying off to jaipur... all excited for the nice long weekend...

On flight Aadi and I decide to share a sandwich... and siddy asks for a popcorn...

The pretty airhostess happily hands over this fancy shmancy gourmet popcorn tub to him...!

They're good... tasty and all but it's a little weird that every popcorn is the exact same round shape as the other....

Anyway... So we're sharing it of course... I've given siddy the lid of the tub and keep refilling it with caramel and cheese popcorn and he's loving it!

After a while though I find the caramel too sweet so i decide to save some cheese for myself for the end...

Thats when mister asks me for more popcorn and I promptly say "Baby there is only caramel left... the cheese is over"

I mean hello,  he's a kid, he's got to love the sweet caramel one more right?


"No but I want cheese mumma"

By now Aadi is laughing...

Siddy obviously knows something is up..

Me I can't stop the lies now "Arre but its over then what can i do... here take some caramel" I tell him while generously giving him some ten popcorns...



"Show me the tub mumma"

Oh my god!! what a four year old I have... has absolutely no trust in his own mother....

by now of course I have burst out laughing because anyone who knows me knows I suck at lying!!!

Siddy of course is trying to get to the tub to check by now!!!


Aadi saves the day by saying

 "Wait Siddy let me check I'm sure there are a few" and he pulls out two for him... and hands me one!!!


Never lying to this kid again!!

Friday, 6 January 2017

New Years Resolutions of a Three year 10 month Old!!

Siddy doesn't even understand what a month is...I mean the kid has no concept of time really yet... so new year night for him was just another party! And what a party he had....! He had all his building friends around and his best friend Nikki around... and I think his favourite part of the night was when we cracked open the confetti crackers!!! the little cutie kept collecting the confetti and throwing it on his friends!!! 

He's totally my kid!! 

Anyhow, this night got me thinking if he did know about new years and new year resolutions, and he could make some,  would these make the cut? 

1. Learn to eat on my own without making a massive mess!!
2. Learn to pee and poop and clean up on my own 
3. Shower on my own 
4. Loose my fear of the slide at the park. 
5. Convince my mum to take me outdoor more! 
6. Do some activity sheets at home everyday instead of sitting on the iPad. 
7. Learn to tie my shoelaces this year!
8. Play more and more and more 
9. Spend more time with hansie! 
10. Bug my mum a whole lot less!!! 

I would totally approve of a list like this!! 

Friday, 30 December 2016

Playing with the little one!

So there are two things I notice I do when I'm playing with Siddy.. one is when we are playing something like drawing things or making things or even like blocks.. I compete with him! 

Yes I said it.. I compete with my almost four year old... and I'm very serious about it somewhere in my head!!!! 

Like I'll try and make the taller block building... or draw like a very realistic aeroplane... ( which is quite rubbish by the way.. but it's better than his half bird half god knows what plane!!!) 

So today we were using his kinetic sand and some moulds to make things like elephants giraffes and food things like grapes and bananas.. and I made like five things while he struggled with one.. and I was so happy!!! Can you imagine that!! My silly inner 6 year old was doing little glee jumps!!!  

And the other thing I do is run out of patience!! Like if I decide actively not to compete with him it basically leaves me sitting and watching him try to do something and it drives me up the wall!! 

I mean how difficult is it to find the open end of the marker cover each and every time? But no.. we will always first try the shut end and then keep hitting it till it dawns on us that it's the wrong side!!!! 

Or this sand game today.. he took like ten minutes to shove some sand into the mould then he turned it over the sand fell out, so he did it again finally got it turned over correct .. then he realised it was upturned on a pit of sand so how will it form? then he dug away the sand from around his mould... oh my god!!! Ten minutes of my life that are never coming back!!!! 

Did I tell you I loved playing with him? Because I love playing with him!! 

My Crazy Eyes!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Relationship Problems!

I fear for Siddy's girlfriends...

Yup... you read that right... already seeing him and how he is..I worry for them!!

So the other day me and Siddy's best friends mum went to get the kids from school... his best friend is this very cute little girl....

Now we are sitting in the auto and for some reason that day there were lots of cranes and excavators and dumpster trucks on the road and siddy was having a blast watching them drive by, and for little nikki she really wanted to chat with him... So she kept trying to engage him in conversation about random things like what happened in school, about some new show she was watching on her iPad... but this fellow was just not responding!

after a point she got really annoyed and she complained to her mum and me
" Siddy is just not listening"

So I tried telling him "Siddy, Nikki is telling you something. Don't you want to talk to her"

No response...

So little Nikki again says, now very upset " Siddy you're just not listening to me"

Mister turns to her and says
"Arre Nikki you talk I'm listening"!! in the funniest sort of way.... like some 45 year old man who has been nagged by his very gossipy wife for years to listen to him and he was just fed up!!

The poor girl didn't know how to respond while me and her mum just burst out laughing!!!!

I think both if us were just reminded of the times we chatter non stop with our husbands who pretend to listen to us and how they would have responded in the exact same manner!!!!

Hilarious kid!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

To be or not to be!!!

So I'm not a very spiritual person.. ok wait... I'm not a very religious person.. spiritual maybe at some level... but not one of those who talks of her beliefs and revelations to the whole world...

And Aadi and I both are like this... so we were pretty sure we wouldn't put any thoughts of God and religion on Siddy when we was young... we want him to find his own story and his own beliefs...

However in his play school they had yoga as a subject which I thought was pretty cute! He would come home and show us all these poses he had learnt... that tiny little body of his (he was 2.5 when he learnt it) twisting and turning in funny ways!

They even taught him to pray, when he reached school, before food at the end of the school day.

Even the new school does the praying bit... so he know of God.. the concept of him may not be clear... but he know of him... Of course his biggest question regarding God is " Why can't he bring the dinosaurs back?"!!!

And then I have to go into the whole, they are extinct explanation... "what is extinct"

they don't exist any more " what is exist "

ok baby they don't live any more "what is live"?!!!

Yikes...I don't think i asked my parents such existential questions at 3.5... heck i don't think I asked at 12 or 15 either... I just took things for granted... people are born and then they grow old and then they die...

"what is grow old?!!!"

And of course they whole

"God made the trees?"
 hmmmm yeah sure

"God made the mountain?"
yes yes he did

"God made the road?"
 ummmm no the contractor who got the contract did...
yes God did it!!"

Its adorable their concept of the earth and everything in it... of the universe and the planets and the stars... everything that isn't reachable to them it is... and everything that is stable and standard just isn't!

The whole point of this very heavy blog today was because of course he did the cutest thing!
The other day while chilling in jaipur in the midst of rolling around nd jumping and being hawk eye and iron man and hulk and king kong... he suddenly decides he has to meditate.

yup meditate.

He tells his Uncle "Now i have to meditate"

and then he sits down crosses his legs, puts his hands on his knees facing upward, closes his eyes and chants Aum three times!!

this little tingly pungly bumling of a baby... decides he must meditate mid playing!

then the opens is eyes and start being hawk eye again!!


As I am curious what kind of a person he will be as he grows up... what kind of friends will he have, what will he study what kind of music he will like... I am just as curious to see what his spiritual journey will be like...